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  • Welcome to C/C++ tutorial
    This is one of the most complete tutorials to learn C language quickly.

    C is widely using cross-platform programming language for UNIX/Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Knowledge of C language will help very easy to learn PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript because their syntax is very similar to C#

  • Learn C by Example really fast
    This tutorial includes programming exercises to aid or gauge your progress as you go through the material.
    Course won't be boring. In the course of passage of a lessons you will see all designs of C language, will observe process of programs performance and variable changes.
    You can to start to write your own programs after its passage. Its structure is created to study practical examples of real programs.

  • This tutorial consists of many lessons
    C program structure, Structure of the elementary program. Constant, variables and types of the data
    Operations, expression,arithmetic expressions. Functions, printf(). Concept of algorithm. Loops and comparisons (if-else). Loops (while)
    Operating designs of C++ Operators of cycles C++. Relation operations. Conditional and logic expressions. The operator of branching if-else. Acquaintance to the processor of C language
    Additional operations, Condition operations(?:.) Additional operations of assignment. Increase and reduce operations. Operations of change of types.
    Arrays and strings, Realisation of switches (switch). Use of operators break, continue and goto. Files and Strings. Some standard functions of input-output
    Functions and program structure, Transfer of arguments. Types of functions. Use of pointers. Classes of memory. Area of visibility of names. Possibilities of the C processor
    Arays and pointers. Strings and multidimensional arrays.
    Symbolical strings
    Structutes and unions

  • C and C++ are great programming languages that can make you professional of IT sciences
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